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 About me

Originally from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Robert's passion for photography & filmmaking stemmed from time spent outdoors around Scotland and travels beyond. 


Graduating in 2019 with a degree in Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh, Robert decided to combine his interest in both science and media in the form of documentary filmmaking. Following conservation scientists, his first science-based feature documentary: ‘Microplastics in the Aegean’ was selected for several film festivals. In autumn 2022, he completed a postgraduate master's in Science Media Production at Imperial College London. Not only science-focused, Robert aims to explore human stories in his documentaries, sharing the personal accounts and alternative ways of lives from his contributors.

Robert also acts as a videographer and is

available to make videos and take photos

for a range of different occasions, from events

to personal stories. Please reach out to discuss

potential opportunities & collaborations further. 

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